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Smoked Salmon Pasta, Lemon Butter Asparagus, and Nina’s Gluten-free Granola

When I run into my students outside of class, they’re always eager to suggest lessons. Steak and lobster may not be in the budget, but I knew the perfect recipe for teaching fresh pasta while stretching a pricey piece of fish and appealing to youthful palates (i.e., having junk-food’s trifecta of fat, salt, and umami, but with wholesome ingredients).

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Doctored Pasta, Garlicky Broccoli and Mary’s Apple Pie

In previous classes we’ve baked apples, made applesauce parfaits, and pressed cider, but when our own Mary Chapman (who comes straight from her job in finance each week to volunteer in the class), offered to bake apple pie with the class, I jumped at the chance. Mary has lived in France and Italy, knows her […]

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