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Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons and Green Olives, Mint Roasted Vegetables, and Couscous

Michael Pollan said about cooking: “To try your hand at doing something new is to find out a few new things about yourself, too.” In the kitchen, classroom, lab, or gym, as kids gain mastery, they gain self-regard. (And, as I tell my own children, they become so much more attractive as potential friends, roommates, and life partners!)

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Lemongrass Chicken and Bok Choy Stirfy, Spring Greens with Clementines and Candied Pecans, Cheesy Toasts, Rhubarb Apple Berry Cobbler

First, the great news: the class was renewed! We’ll be back in the kitchen next semester, with a change from Tuesdays to Wednesdays. Sadly, Mary won’t be joining us due to a schedule conflict. If you know of someone who enjoys kids and can commit to volunteering an hour or two each week, please let […]

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