Welcome to the Farm to Table Class at McClure Middle School. My name is Julie Whitehorn. I’m a mom of one tween and one teen, and I am very excited about teaching kids about where our food comes from and how to cook it.

The objective is to create a blueprint for a farm-to-table approach customized to this age-group.

I believe that one of the best things we can do for our health, our communities, and the planet is to eat whole (fresh, minimally processed) foods. 

Farm to Table Class uses resources from Seattle’s Tilth and the national nonprofit Nourish. The project is administered by Seattle Parks and Recreation Department in partnership with the Seattle School District, and funded in part by the Families and Education Levy. It is made possible by volunteers and donations.

Joining me in the kitchen are two dynamite volunteers, Phyllis Rosen (of Catering by Phyllis) and Mary Chapman, a McClure parent and active community organizer. Supporting the project is McClure’s wonderful afterschool program leader Doug Berndt, who is helping us make this a success.

Hidden storage under the blackboard

In the past few days, we’ve been busy getting the school kitchen ready for action. The space looks pretty much the same as it did in the 1980’s when my friend Lori learned to cook there in Home Ec class (see “before” photo above). Soon it will be transformed with new supplies, 12 students, and some delectable cooking aromas.

Huge thanks to private chef Lesa Sullivan, my neighbors Eli Forman and Christopher Kashap, and to Phyllis Rosen for donating tools for the kitchen. If you would like to contribute, check out our wish list.
Students, I hope you’ll use this website to find recipes and other resources, to post comments, and even, perhaps, to publish a guest post. 

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